Last modified: January 23, 2020

Digital Rand (Pty) Ltd is a private venture and meets the following SARB Digital Currency requirements

  • Digital Rand is complementary to cash and is not intended to replace cash;
  • Digital Rand is issued at one-to-one parity with the rand;
  • Digital Rand does not introduce the risk of destabilising the financial sector;
  • Consumers are able to own and transact in Digital Rand without the need for a bank account;
  • Consumers and businesses are provided with the channels to obtain or return Digital Rand in exchange for cash and commercial bank money;
  • Digital Rand enables immediate person-to-person transfer of value without clearing and settlement in today‚Äôs terms;
  • Digital Rand is traceable;
  • Digital Rand is auditable in terms of proof of issuance and ownership.