Digital Rand

South Africa's first digital asset pegged 1:1 to the Rand

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Purchasing Digital Rand with a credit/debit card coming soon

Built on Ethereum

Digital Rand (DZAR) is an ERC-20 compliant token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can store DZAR in any Ethereum-compatible wallet, such as Trust Mobile Wallet and Metamask Browser Extention.

Stable Currency

Every DZAR is backed by another asset of value. Our collateral portfolio is diversified, allowing multiple assets to guarantee the value of each DZAR.

Decentralised Exchange

Decentralised token swaps between DZAR & ETH/ERC-20 tokens, thus your digital assets are always in your possession.

Digital Rand

Service Offering

We are currently in beta and will be going live with all our services from October 2019. Follow us on our Social Media accounts to stay updated.

Fiat to Crypto

Convert fiat Rands via a credit/debit card and receive Digital Rand (DZAR) tokens into your Ethereum wallet. Newly minted tokens will be created directly into user's wallets.

Crypto to Fiat

Redemptions from Digital Rand (DZAR) into Ethereum and then deposited into a trusted South African exchange, and then withdrawn into fiat Rands to a SA bank account.


Swap Digital Rand (DZAR) tokens into Ethereum or many ERC-20 tokens and visa versa. Metamask, Ledger, Trezor & dApp mobile wallets accepted.

Liquidity Pools

Add liquidity depth to our Digital Rand (DZAR) exchange pool and earn 0.3% commission fees in relation to your holdings.


Once Digital Rand is established we would like to utilise the same model in other African countries in order to create one token, representing a basket of African tokens to be used throughout the continent.


Under consideration, but not limited to:

  1. Botswanan Pula
  2. Moroccan Dirham
  3. Zambian Kwacha
  4. Sudanese Pounds

African Token

Representing a basket of all African Stablecoins that can be used throughout the continent where the fiat currency is unstable and access to banking facilities is limited.


The end-goal is to seamlessly allow South African's the ability to convert fiat Rands into Digital Rands. Once an individual has received the Digital Rand (DZAR) tokens into their Ethereum Wallets, they would be able to:

Hold onto the tokens as a hedge to falling digital asset prices

Exchange the token into Ethereum or many ERC-20 tokens via a decentralised exchange

Send tokens as a means of payment

Transact for goods & services

Add liquidity depth in order to earn commission fees

Digital Rand